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Our Dresden Team

The team of around 100 employees employed at our Dresden office includes a large number of tax consultants, accountants and lawyers. They are all active in a variety of specialist fields in addition to their core professional activities, and combine to provide a comprehensive pool of shared knowledge. They work within a structure composed of five teams, each of which is led and coordinated by a managing partner or an experienced professional from our Dresden office. Thanks to close, cross-team cooperation between our employees, we are able to provide our clients with integrated consultancy which delivers targeted, individual solutions within the agreed timeframe.

Freelance Professions + Private Clients Team

We provide members of freelance professions, small independent firms and private companies with financial accounting and budgeting services alongside tax- and business-related guidance. Clients active in the health sector, related sectors and pharmacies benefit from specially developed assessment procedures. In addition, our Freelance Professions + Private Clients Team draws up personal income tax returns and possesses comprehensive experience where the taxation of property owners, capital investors and salaried employees is concerned. The guidance we provide always targets the achievement of a sound liquidity/asset scenario for you the client, and naturally takes your specific expectations and circumstances into account.

Auditing Team

We see auditing as more than just the compiling of a statutory attestation at the end of the year. When seen as the preparation of objective judgments by external economic assessors, auditing can in fact increase data reliability and contribute to process optimization. Our portfolio of services includes audit verification and special audits, the auditing of annual financial statements  in accordance with the German Commercial Code and IFRS, audits in accordance with § 53 HGrG and internal revision. We also audit according to international auditing standards, and support companies in the conversion to international accounting standards (IFRS, US-GAAP). Employees in our Auditing Team possess a wealth of sector-specific knowledge and experience, and engage in continuous further training. They are available to you as a central point of contact at all times – even after the final meeting has occurred. The team is supported by a wide range of specialists, with regular quality assurance measures used to ensure that our services are not only of high quality, but also subject to continuous improvement.

Accounting Team

Accounting is a key element of operative corporate management. Making use of the latest technology, we design accounting procedures which enable you to achieve the utmost in efficiency. Our “Online Company” service offers you fully digital, up-to-the minute accounting which saves you time and money. We assume responsibility for your financial and payroll accounting, draw up documents ranging from convincing assessments to topical, tailored controlling reports and cost accounting reports and compile interim and annual statements of accounts based on relevant commercial and fiscal law. In addition, our Accounting Team provides not only support within the framework of company audits and corporate restructuring projects, but also guidance on issues related to turnover tax (and in particular those of a cross-border nature).

Human Resources Team

Our Human Resources Team provides you and/or your specialist department support on all human resources issues, and possesses extensive knowledge of payroll accounting and personnel accounting. We assume responsibility for your payroll accounting and offer guidance during income tax audits and social security audits.

Tax Consultancy + Planning Team

The main responsibility of our Tax Consultancy + Planning Team is to provide tax-related and legal guidance to our clients in accordance with German legislation on the provision of legal services. The team advises clients on issues of retirement and succession planning and corporate restructuring, and also provides support during the sale and acquisition of companies. In addition, we can provide you with competent, successful representation at tax offices and fiscal courts (all the way up to the Federal Fiscal Court) and support in proceedings concerning tax criminal law as well as out-of-court and in-court appeal procedures.