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Networks + Engagement

It is not lost on us that the future success of our company is also dependent on continued economic and social development in our regional markets. We therefore champion not only young professionals in our own sector, but also up-and-coming talents in other areas of society such as academia, art, culture and sport. In addition to our overall aim to foster the development of young people, we are mindful to support projects that are innovative and future-oriented. This is because we firmly believe that our society is always dependent on the new ideas and inspiration of the next generation. In addition, we are represented in a number of professional associations and expert committees, and maintain an active link to academia by means of publications and lectures.

Internationally we are independent member of the Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers (IGAL). That way we cooperate with over 150 auditing firms, tax consultancies and specialist law firms in 45 countries which enables us to provide you with worldwide support.