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Information + analysis = efficiency

Financial Services + Asset Management

The current situation

Business activities in the financial services sector are subject to extensive regulations set out by the EU, the German legal system and regulatory authorities such as the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the German Central Bank. In view of the recent financial crisis, the pressure to regulate has continued to rise and brought about numerous new regulations governing the activity of companies in the financial services sector. The result is increasingly strict requirements where accounting, risk management, controlling and compliance are concerned. Many financial service providers are therefore placing greater focus on their core business and outsourcing a range of their administrative duties to external service providers.

How we respond

Our team carries out continuous, thorough observation and analysis of legislative and regulatory development within the sector, and advises our clients on elements which are of relevance to them. In addition to their membership of and collaboration with related committees, the exchange of expert knowledge between our consultants and cooperating specialists helps them to ensure that our clients are able to cope with the above-mentioned challenges. The range and depth of qualifications held by our employees enables us to perform a broad spectrum of accounting tasks on behalf of financial service providers within the framework of outsourcing agreements.