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Health + Life Sciences

The current situation

Debate surrounding health policy regularly brings up the topic of a “cost explosion”. This primarily refers to significant year-on-year increases in expenditure by insurers in the health sector. Almost 200 billion Euros were available to the German health system in 2010. On the one hand, general trends such as demographic change and growing public awareness of health issues certainly are key contributing factors to rising costs. On the other hand, this financial development in the health system can also be seen as a consequence of poor efficiency across the system as a whole. From a political perspective, this is given as justification for increasing attempts to allow more competition in the health sector, which it is said would result in more effective, efficient resource allocation – and in turn significantly reduce costs. Simultaneous to this, the competitive situation is being intensified by the entry of new national and international providers onto the market.

How we respond

We have consistently strengthened our team over the last few years, and provide employees with specialist training in order to ensure that we offer our health sector clients support that is tailored to the modern market. Our Health Competence Centre enables us to take care of our health and life sciences sector clients across the full spectrum of tax, business and legal issues.
As a significant proportion of turnover is now generated outside of the statutory health insurance system, the demand for management consultancy services has increased dramatically over the last few years. Hospitals, registered doctors in private practice and pharmacists are increasingly being forced into an entrepreneurial role, and are in need of both the corresponding specialist knowledge and managerial know-how. With a good third of doctors now seeing themselves as being in strong or very strong competition with their colleagues, we have developed a range of sector-specific services and consultancy packages which allow our clients to continue to achieve professional success in spite of this challenging situation.