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Tax Consultants & Certified Auditors

Our Services at a Glance

Tax Consultancy: We draw up annual financial statements and tax returns for members of freelance professions, companies and institutions of all legal forms as well as private individuals. Our tax consultants deliver advice on all aspects of fiscal legislation and are also able to draw up cross-border solutions tailored to your requirements. In addition, we can provide you with competent, successful representation at tax offices and fiscal courts (all the way up to the Federal Fiscal Court) and support in proceedings concerning tax criminal law as well as out-of-court and in-court appeal procedures.

Business Consulting: We advise clients on issues of retirement and succession planning and corporate restructuring, and also provide support during the sale and acquisition of companies.
In addition, we draw up company evaluations, budget calculations (liquidity and revenue planning) as well as expert opinions and offer support even in complex tax audits

 We see auditing as more than just the compiling of a statutory attestation at the end of the year. When seen as the preparation of objective judgments by external economic assessors, auditing can in fact increase data reliability and contribute to process optimization. We also audit according to international auditing standards, and support companies in the conversion to international accounting standards (IFRS, US-GAAP).

Accounting: Financial accounting and payroll accounting both require the commitment of considerable personnel resources. Our experienced team provides you or your department with expert guidance on human resources and financial accounting.