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Financial Accounting + Payroll Accounting

Our approach

Financial accounting and payroll accounting both require the commitment of considerable personnel resources. Payroll accounting involves the maintenance of master personnel data, the drawing up of all personnel documents and the administration of annual payroll accounts. Enquiries concerning income tax audits and social security audits are dealt with by our human resources department. Payroll accountants must possess extensive knowledge of payroll accounting, personnel accounting and legislation pertaining to income tax and social security.

Constant changes to legislation in these areas necessitate continuous training, and therefore make this field demanding to work in. It is also the role of a payroll accountant to draw your attention to potential optimization where income tax and social security are concerned. The same applies to financial accounting, which involves the documentation of all revenue and expenditure in order to determine a company’s profits.

Our experienced teams provide you or your department with expert guidance on human resources and financial accounting, and in doing so develop solutions which are tailored to sector-specific requirements. By using modern software, we are able to optimize your management of human resources and finances, reduce administrative effort and at the same time give you planning tools which enable you to monitor your figures at all times.


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