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Annual Financial Statements + Tax Returns

Our approach

All business people who are not sole proprietors and are subject to § 241a of the German Commercial Code are obliged to draw up annual financial statements. Depending on the size and legal form of their company, they are required to complete a variety of formalities and make mandatory declarations as defined and monitored by the German legislature. We ensure that all obligations are fulfilled correctly, in good time and in keeping with the requirements of other stakeholders such as banks, investors, creditors, owners, officials and authorities.

Annual financial statements have two important basic functions. They document the economic situation of a company and define assessment parameters for the allocation of profits. For this reason, annual financial statements represent the fundamental basis for all further deliberations concerning the management of the business. At first, however, it is to be verified whether alternative fiscal regulations apply and the drawing up of a tax balance sheet is actually necessary. Once annual financial statements which comply with commercial law or a tax balance sheet have been compiled, they can then be used as a basis for the drawing up of a company tax return in accordance with the relevant tax regulations.

When compiling annual financial statements for your company we also compare your figures with those of previous years. Where required, we can discuss the results of that comparison within a formal presentation of the annual financial statements which can then be used as a means of identifying appropriate courses of action.

  • Auditing of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements according to the German Commercial Code and IFRS
  • Special audits during the formation, change in corporate form, merging or take-over of a company and in instances of conflict
  • Internal revision
  • Due Diligence
  • Revitalization and restructuring
  • Corporate governance consultancy
  • Support during conversions from governmental accounting to double-entry bookkeeping or IFRS 


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