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Business Consulting

Our approach

Our experts in business consulting have one goal: the long-term success of our clients. To secure the future of your company, we support you in developing and implementing strategic concepts. “What is my company worth?” This question is not only relevant prior to the planned sale of a company. It is also a key factor in decisions on entrepreneurial activity, since not only the tax landscape is subject to constant change, but your personal and professional circumstances may be as well. Entrepreneurial decisions and investment in personal and professional contexts therefore require the careful analysis and planning of tax implications. 

Finance is not only an issue during the setting up of a business. On the contrary, companies are continuously required to give thought to cost-effective ways in which they can meet their financial requirements, with various options now available to small and medium-sized businesses. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding investment and financing. Our consultants are expert at dealing with sector-specific circumstances, and will advise you on special forms of financing such as leasing, factoring and mezzanine capital. We gladly assist you in both the selection of the right subsidy programs for your company and the submission and pushing through of corresponding subsidy applications. Where required we may call upon the services of external partners. Corporate planning, controlling, internal monitoring systems and effective risk and liquidity management structures help protect companies from damage to their wealth and reputation. We support you in the implementation of effective systems which benefit your organization, allowing you to focus on your core business.

 Business consulting - what we can do for you

  • Integrated revenue, liquidity and balance-sheet planning
  • Drawing up of financing and investment plans 
  • Sector-specific financing support (incl. consultancy on special forms of financing, mediation with banks and financial service providers, preparation of and supportive participation in financing meetings and supervision of subsidy applications)
  • Business and revitalization concepts
  • Controlling reports and implementation of internal monitoring systems 
  • Guidance on ratings, rating-orientated planning and balance-sheet strategy 
  • Expert assessment of company value
  • Expert assessment of production facility value, of patent portfolios and of shares
  • Statements and reports on the submission of accounts and preparation of balance sheets
  • Support during the sale and acquisition of companies
  • Planning of provisions for old age and succession


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